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What is RobotStats?

RobotStats is a free application analysing the web robots visits on your site. For each page of your site, a small PHP code allows RobotStats to detect if the visitor is one of the 180 robots supported by the application. In this case, the visit is recorded in a MySQL data base.

Then, you can see complete statistics:

  • list of all the robots that came in a given period
  • for each robot:
    • number of pages viewed
    • list of the pages viewed, with the date and time
    • graphic chart of the visits for several months

RobotStats gives you precise information about the activity of the web robots on your site. It allows you to know if your site has any chance to be indexed in the search engines.

RobotStats is free, but you're asked to add a link on your site to the official RobotStats site. You can choose to put a text link or a small picture. See here.

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